Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores are a radical feistyfolkpunkswingpop band based in the UK.

muddy woodland2

Gail Something-Else – Vocals, Stick Bass, Melodica                Lizzie Morris – Violin, Vocals, ‘Whores Jonathan’                  Aimee Bee – Cajon, Percussion, Vocals                                Ren Stedman – Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Vocals

‘Dirty Field Whores were exactly Glastonwick – spiky, political, funny and punk in the CLEVER sense of the term!’ – Attila the Stockbroker

‘Beautiful, quirky and humorous lyrics about life’s little challenges in a must-see live show.’ – Andrew Marston, BBC Introducing

‘The musical melange draws in left-bank swing, Balkan gypsy dreamscape, jazz waltz fusion and cowgirl reggae-hop all bound together with sentient political verse with a razor edge that feels no need to growl before it bites.’ – Graham, Macstock Organiser

‘Gail’s voice is sweet and haunting, with a strange inflection that seems
to combine toughness and vulnerability in a way that’s hard to pin down,
the mood shifts constantly, ice and fire, rage and graveyard humour.’ – Mal Content

‘MS must surely be the Sade or Billie Holiday of anarcho-folk, as she’s more soulful and bluesy than I’d yet realised. I’d heard her before on YouTube and in a drunken haze in Weston-Super-Mare but tonight it was early daze on the local real ale (delicious and full-bodied) so I could now contemplate the group with near clarity. Her top hit song Cameron I Would Call You A C*nt is supreme sugary aural sustenance.’ – Owen Adams – writer/journalist

“Well constructed, played and concise and to the point. In short excellent. Good luck with this!”
– JC Carroll, The Members (on Cameron, I Would Call You a Cunt)

“Here’s what the nation will be singing when the Tory scum get what’s coming to them.”
– Ian Bone (on Cameron, I Would Call You a Cunt)