Get Off My Tits!

Someone on good ode Facebook reported a photo of Gail at a festival with glittery tits. It wasn’t remotely pornographic or offensive, but they took it down anyway.

The following day, they removed an old post of hers with the lyrics of Dirty Field Whore on, which led to her being banned from posting for 24hrs. Then they took down a post with a link to our album, Seeing Red (and Black), but between the pic report and the other two, she wrote a demo of a song in response – Get Off My Tits! – recorded it on webcam and posted it on our fb page..and it went viral! 261k views as I type. We’ve also had a message from a woman in California claiming intellectual rights to it! Ha! It’s probably only a matter of time til it’s removed, so it’s up on Youtube just in case –

Get Off My Tits T Shirts & Vests are currently only available at our gigs. Online soon.


Fuck em! xxx