Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores are a radical feisty folkpunkswingpop band based in the UK.

muddy woodland2

Described as ‘a musical melange that draws in left-bank swing, Balkan gypsy dreamscape, jazz waltz fusion and cowgirl reggae-hop, all bound together with sentient political verse with a razor edge that feels no need to growl before it bites’, and fronted by the irrepressible Gail Something-Else, they bring catchy rhythms, urgent poetry and beautiful harmonies.
Lizzie Morris’s sweet and mournful fiddle, Ren Stedman’s impudent guitar, Aimee Bee’s driving cajon and Gail’s bouncing double bass lay an unsuitably melodic, and often foot stomping, foundation from which to fire out an unapologetic big two-fingered salute to patriarchy, monarchy, ‘normality’, arbitrary inequality and to every ‘ism’ and ‘ist’ you could care to list, often with a big dollop of humour thrown on top for good measure.

Gail Something-Else – Vocals, Stick Bass, Melodica

Lizzie Morris – Violin, Vocals, ‘Whores Jonathan’

Aimee Bee – Cajon, Percussion, Vocals

Ren Stedman – Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Vocals

‘Dirty Field Whores were exactly Glastonwick – spiky, political, funny and punk in the CLEVER sense of the term!’ – Attila the Stockbroker

‘Beautiful, quirky and humorous lyrics about life’s little challenges in a must-see live show.’ – Andrew Marston, BBC Introducing

‘Gail’s voice is sweet and haunting, with a strange inflection that seems
to combine toughness and vulnerability in a way that’s hard to pin down,
the mood shifts constantly, ice and fire, rage and graveyard humour.’ – Mal Content