Seeing Red (and Black!)


So we’ve finally become a band..and a girl band at that!

Aimee’s been regularly slapping her cajon with the DFWs for a fair old while now, and Tez has donned corsets and belted out backing vocals more than once, but she’s now also playing guitar. We’ve also been joined by the beautifully talented Helen on flute, and I’m plucking stick bass as well as singing and ranting into the mic.

As we all live in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, rehearsing is also possible, and is proving to be a stupid amount of the point where I take back everything I’ve ever said about being in bands. It’s also sounding alright.

I’ve been writing words like a loon since Zmas Day. I really need to thank the Queen for whacking her plunger on my writer’s block. I don’t do Christmas, so I was surfing the interweb in the afternoon and saw an article about ode Madge wearing a fur coat to their private service that morning. I thought (among other things)..

‘All fur coat and no knickers? Ewww. Pass the mindbleach, Lil!’ In my head, it quickly turned into ‘The Queen is all fur coat and incontinence knickers.’ Well, she is nearly 90. I’d say the odds were fair. I did get a bollocking off my 83 year old Mum for that line though.

I checked out her speech, got even more annoyed, wrote a poem called 3pm, stuck a tune to it, recorded it on webcam and fired it up onto good ode Facebook, figuring a few of my mates might be entertained by it..
Over 26,000 views later?!!

Ok, not everyone liked it. There were mutters about treason and how my entire family should be shot. I’m glad I only played it on a baritone uke an’ all, as it’s a lot smaller than the guitar that one bloke wanted to shove up my arse. Big up the satire police! Check it out if ye like..

Anyway, we’re recording a band version of it in early February (in the grounds of a manor house..ha!) and also a video here in the Forest on Sat 27th Feb. Come and be in it if you like. Then we’re going to release it just before the her 90th birthday.

We haven’t put a single out there since ‘Cameron, I Would Call You a Cunt’ in 2012. It got to #99 in the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, which means nowt, except it paid for the next album and chucked a few quid into some grassroots causes..and making the video was ridiculous fun! We’ll also be putting out a new album, ‘Seeing Red (and Black)’ in the Spring. Most of the songs are brand new, and the rest are ones that we’ve gigged acoustically, but they’ve only ever been recorded with electronic music.

Big up the Ladyfolk!

Gail xxx