A Celebration Of The Queens Birthday (Sort Of)

Review from The Sound of Summer of our new single/video that’s coming out at Midnight tonight!

The Sound Of Summer

Conventional wisdom dictates that we become more conservative as we age.  Let me tell you that is not the case for me or indeed for many of the amazing people I spend my summers with at the numerous music festivals I attend.

Admittedly many of those who inhabit the world I live in during the UK summer were probably sitting comfortably at the anarchistic end of the political spectrum to begin with. As I and many of my friends have come to realise the “system” is geared to make the rich richer and to support privilege and the class system.

Sitting right at the top of this rotten and corrupt system sits Queen Elizabeth and her bloodsucking inbred family.  Royalty is the epitome of the class system a system that rewards unearned privilege on the backs of the poor.  A system that benefits the 1% at the expense of the…

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