The Dirty Field Whores do Rebellion..

What a weekend..5 sets in less than 24 hours!

This weekend was hectic on so many levels. Gail’s truck had to have the fuel pump sorted just before the weekend, and both Lizzie and Haitch (our band Mum) were having vehicle troubles, which became apparent on the way to Nah Then! Festival – our Friday eve gig.

Nah Then! is a great little grassroots two dayer in Derbyshire, and organised by one of our favourite bands, The Star Botherers, and The Black Market Venue. We had a really luvvly gig there, though had to shoot off straight after to get to Blackpool ready to play at Rebellion Punk Music Festival the next day. – in the fucking Opera House!

I say ‘shoot’, but after ‘These are the best headlights I’ve ever had on a vehicle’ on the way up Thursday eve, Gail’s truck wouldn’t turn over when it came to leave. After a jump start and an hour into the journey across the stunning Derbyshire Dales, the truck lights darkened at the same rate as the sky, the fan cut out, and it was hello RAC – who quoted 4-5 hours due to the flooding in the area keeping them busy. She finally hit the campsite near Blackpool at 5.30am, wired and tired, and with a brand new battery.

Our first gig of Saturday was at 1.25pm in the Opera House. Mindblowing acoustics, top crew and we had a right ball. Thanks loads to Jennie for booking us. Here’s a clip of ‘Nice Arse’ in there. It’s a song reversing the neanderthal behaviour so many of us have, and do, endure. Fucking patriarchy..

Our next gig wasn’t until 5.20pm on the Almost Acoustic Stage, so we hit the street for our first busk as a full band, and bloody LOVED it! There’s something a bit beautiful in having a mix of punks, tourists, kids and local Nannas singing ‘Yeh yeh it’s all shit’ back at you.

It was also quite nice to piss a couple of far right fuckwits off who were watching us by singing ‘Bella Ciao’, an old Italian antifascist song, an’ all. ‘Fascist punk’ is such an oxymoron, and those that are, well, just drop the ‘oxy’ bit. We’ve never been to Rebellion before, but there was a lot of buzz about how this element were diminishing – here, at least. you fuck.

We played the Almost Acoustic Stage as the Stripped Down Dirty Whores, and that was loads of fun, too, though by this point we all had blisters, were donning well placed plasters on our fingers..and slightly annebriated.

We followed it with another gert lush busk before hooking up with Hobo Jones & the Junkyard Dogs to get fucked up with Wino for his birthday, and caught a bit of The Ramonas doing their original stuff, but missed nearly all the acts we wanted to see. We’re definitely gonna stay the whole 4 days next year, though. One day ain’t enough..


Sat – 4.30pm – Fogger’s Mill
Sun – 2.30pm – Rimski’s Yard
Sun – 4.30pm – Fogger’s Mill